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SDCC 2022: Denuo Novo Booth

Posted by: Nick on July 21, 2022 at 09:53 AM CST


Since taking over the license about two years ago Denuo Novo has been focused on fulfilling the backordered of items from ANOVOS after its departure from the market and since acquiring its license for Star Wars. You'll see a lot of familiar products but there are some new additions to the line. Denuo's model defers from ANOVOS in that they first seek approval of the samples from Disney/Lucasfilm and get an approved production schedule from the manufacturer before taking preorders, so you have a more reliable release window and no surprises in the design process.

First you'll notice the fearsome Dad-alorian himself, Jango Fett. Sporting a nice fiberglass helmet, fans should see this available in the third quarter of this year. The rangefinder however is stationary. Another Mandalorian is present in Sabine Wren's season 2 helmet, which was never put into production by ANOVOS and does future a moveable rangefinder.

Prequel fans will notice a clean version of the phase 2 Clonetrooper along with a 501st version that Denuo brought to the original weathered helmet. Lastly, a new Kylo Ren helmet will be available, this time featuring the fractured look as seen in the Rise of Skywalker.

A new license to the Denuo Novo brand is DC comics. As you can see there is and amazing Batman 1989 cowl on display. Just a prototype at this point and will be more rigid in the final version. Those with larger heads, fear not as Denuo will offer it in two head sizes.

Q and A

We asked about other licenses such as Ghostbusters since that is getting really popular again. Unfortunately, sole rights to props on that belong to Hasbro, so don't expect that ANOVOS proton pack to resurface.

When asked about more accessories, the Denuo rep said this is something they will definitely explore. So expect to see those Han belt kits again in the future and perhaps others.

Regarding full body kits, they relaunched the First Order Stormtrooper and we open to the idea of a mandalorian armor kit but not the Mandalorian armor kit. So time will tell.

Lastly, Darth Vader is making a return by the end of next year. The amazing ANOVOS helmet and quite possibly the entire ensemble will be making it back to consumers. So get ready to order that the moment it comes available as it is certain to go quick.

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