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Super Impulse: World's Smallest Power Rangers Micro Figures

Posted by: Nick on June 17, 2020 at 06:00 PM CST

Again a special thank you to our friends at Super Impulse for supplying this review set. If you haven't seen our other reviews of Super Impulse's micro figure line, these figures are productions of the beloved '80's and '90's toys of our youth. They are about 1.25 inches tall and included a stand, reusable clamshell display package, and in some case accessories.

The packaging on this set is inspired by the original first generation of power rangers and opted for a simple lightening bolt with the visage and color of the respective ranger. The back is more indicative of the artwork seen on some of the back of the cards. All of the cardbacks have a hinged door and are reusable.

The figures all have great paint applications for a figure of this size. The feature the three points of articulation common to this line, however we found the head difficult to turn.

Other than the stands, there are no accessories with the exception of the Green Ranger. While at first we though it was just a separate attached armor piece, the gold armor actually separates into two removable pieces that can be reattached, a surprising feature on a figure this small.

All together this is a fun set for longtime fans of the show. This is also a great way to carry around your favorite ranger in your pocket or bag, or the whole set for morphin time!

You can find the micro Power Rangers figures on Amazon, but the figures are given at random. You should be able to find these at major toy retailers like Target and Walmart.

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