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Diamond Select Toys: SDCC 2020 The Nightmare Before Christmas Boxed Set Review

Posted by: Nick on October 15, 2020 at 09:35 PM CST

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Diamond Select Toys unveiled some amazing exclusives for this year's SDCC and one of the sets we were most excited about was The Nightmare Before Christmas boxed set. If you are not familiar with the line from Diamond Select Toys, they have done an amazing job of capturing the details of the claymation characters from the film, including their odd body proportions. Many of these figures are out of production and DST is starting to rerelease older waves but this set serves as a great way to grab some of those characters.

The added bonus feature here is the addition of phosphorescent paint, which allows the figures to glow under the black light, adding a little spookiness to the set. Not just a gimmick though, fans of the film will recall the black light effect in Oogie's Lair, so this serves to bring a little of the film to life with it. The box background artwork provides a nice depiction of some of the well known aspects of Oogie's lair and serves as a nice display piece for the set with the integrated black lights. A great design feature here is the batteries for the black light are easily replaceable and are AAA instead of some expensive set of lithium batteries. Those of you who run out your batteries on packaging or displays like this will surely appreciate it.

While the packaging is awesome and deserves a ton of praise, the figures are what really makes this set amazing.

Jack Skellington

Hats off to designing a Jack figure with those crazy anatomical proportions. The exaggerated leg length and odd torso to head dynamic really match up with the on-screen appearance of the character and just make this an amazing figure to have and display. The ball joint knees allow the figure to keep the aesthetic and allow for full mobility of the legs. So how does it stand? Well, this would be impossible to balance without some kind of a stand and fortunately DST included one here. The extensive flexibility of the stand affords Jack multiple posses and easily allows you to display the figure without detracting from design.


Where would Jack be without his trusty companion? Zero, at least in our sample, didn't appear to react with the black light. However, when the light goes out, we noticed he holds a charge and continues to glow. Again, another greatly detailed addition to the set and he comes with a similar stand to Jack but it is clear allowing you to maintain the illusion of him floating.

Santa Claus (Claws?)

Absolutely love the design that Tim Burton went with for Santa, and DST really captured it here. Check out the jolly old elf in all his glory here. He comes with a removable hat that is form fitting to his hair, so you can display him as he was before and after Jack returned his hat at the end. Owing it to his crazy shape, there is no need for any type of stand, as this is probably one of the sturdiest figures ever made. Also, a really nice touch to incorporate his undergarments for the underside of the figure.

Oogie Boogie

Love seeing Oogie in his black light colors from the lair. He also reacts nicely to the black light. Again, due to his design, this is a really sturdy figure, that also has some weight to it. He also has a surprising amount of articulation too. Fun little thing we discovered is his face is removable and doing so allows you to see his insect composition. Another amazing little touch to this set that brings that big screen magic to your home.

All together this set makes an amazing addition to any collection or serves as a great piece of Halloween/Christmas decor. Whether you are new to these figures from DST or have all the waves, this set is definitely worth it. You can still order yours from Gentle Giant Ltd. by clicking on the above link.

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