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Hot Toys: The Child Life-Size Figure Review

Posted by: Nick on August 26, 2021 at 07:57 PM CST


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Packaging and Contents

The outside of the box is simply enough, a shot of the product and some details on the manufacturer, however the next year provides a little bit of displayability. Meant to mimic the now iconic hover pram, opening it reveals the cargo inside, the coveted bounty hunter's prize. The figure itself is well packaged in three layers of molded plastic separating the accessories and the figure while keeping everything pristine and secure.

This thing is loaded with accessories. You'll find three different hands for each arm, two sets of ears, a base, a Razor Crest knob, and a Mythosaur necklace. Everything is individually bagged to prevent any damage. His outfit really makes the figure here as it is highly detailed and has a great feel to it, leaving you wondering if it is a direct coy of the screen used garment.

Functionality and Possibility

The accessories are easy to manage. The arms pop on and off with no hassle. The ears are magnetic and just pop in allowing you to switch in seconds. The necklace is adjustable and the slack can be set to your desired level. The Razor Crest knob is magnetic and will stick to the grasping hand. We tried it in the others but it doesn't seem to work. The base is heavy and sturdy, allowing for solid shelf display option.

We found that the base is not necessary though as he has enough range in his legs and body to be able to balance him up right. The legs do not bend at the knee which is good and bad. You have limited range, so it is harder for a sitting pose or finer adjustments to his balance. On the flip side, he won't inadvertently bend at the knees and fall over. The arms, however, do have a greater range of motion and can bend at the elbow allowing for more expressive hand gestures including the favorite force hand.

We were able to get a lot of expression out of the figure using his hands to manipulate his surroundings and even eat some cookies (not included and not space Oreos). You'll find he fits into a variety of environments and is easily portable due to his small stature, so he's ready to accompany you on your next adventure. The skin has a nice life-like texture and tonality in the face. Hot Toys notes each facial sculpt is hand painted and it really shows. Additionally, the time spent detailing the hair is clearly noticeable as it too looks real in texture as well. An extra bit of fun, the mouth is poseable as well, for when you want to eat some space cookies or plead with your captor to not sell you to war criminals.

Final Thoughts

This amazingly detailed piece truly is the ultimate version of The Child. Life-like in appearance and loaded with accessories, it is like owning your own personal prop from the show. For the cosplayer this will give your ensemble that bump it needs to get to the next level and for the Star Wars fan this will bring a dimension of the show to your home. You'll find this selling out at multiple retailers and for good reason, it really is amazing and one of the best things to put in a life-size format while still keeping a friendly price. We highly recommend that if you want one, you acquire the asset sooner rather that later.

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