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Iron Studios: Infinity Ultron Deluxe Art Scale

Posted by: Nick on July 1, 2022 at 07:18 PM CST


Created by Tony Stark and Bruce Banner to protect Earth, the artificial intelligence known as Ultron, after observing humanity’s atrocities and conflicts, started to consider the human race as the biggest threat to peace in the world and, after inserting his conscience into a new synthezoid body that in Marvel’s regular timeline ended up being the Avenger Vision, in this alternate reality, Ultron enacted a nuclear genocide, killed Thanos and took the Infinity Stones. With such power, after destroying all sapient life in the universe, Ultron got lonely and without purpose to exist, but the combined power of the Stones made him capable of breaking the dimensional barriers in the Nexus of All Realities, becoming aware of The Watcher’s presence and the existence of the Multiverse. With the renewed objective of perpetuating his extermination in other realities, the villain forced The Watcher to violate his oath of never interfering, gathering a group of heroes from different universes to oppose Ultron.

Inspired by the episode "What If... Ultron Won?", the eighth episode of Marvel’s animated series, part of Phase Four in the MCU, Infinity Ultron Deluxe was revealed on the Inside Iron Studios Day, already available for Pre-Order and adding to the collection that has other announced statues such as “Zombie Captain America - What If...? - Art Scale 1/10", "Captain Carter - What If...? - Art Scale 1/10", "Strange Supreme Deluxe - What If...? - Art Scale 1/10" and "The Watcher - What If...? - Art Scale 1/10" by Iron Studios. With a second season being produced and scheduled to premiere later this year, What If...? promises a prism of infinity possibilities, that without a shadow of a doubt will also be part of future releases by Iron Studios.

Infinity Ultron Deluxe - What If...? - Art Scale 1/10


- Limited edition

- Based on original references

- Made in polystone - *(may contain parts in resin, polystone, PVC, metal and fabric)

- Hand painted

- Includes extra head

- Product dimensions: 14.1 in (H) x 12.4 in (W) x 9.8 in (D)

- Product Weight: 2 lbs

- MSRP: USD 199,99 (American US Dollars)

- Release schedule: Second quarter of 2023

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