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McFarlane Toys: McFarlane Toy Fair Booth 2019
Published by Nick on February 16, 2019 at 06:01 PM CST

We have some booth photos here. Unfortunately, some of the biggest reveals were either not allowed to be photographed or were not yet in production. However, we can talk about them!

Harry Potter Figure Line

So for the first time we are going to see Harry Potter action figures an beasts. We can expect wave 1 sometime this summer. It will include Harry, Ron, and Hermione with their wands and patronus charms. It will also include Voldemort with Nagini. This figure will feature a soft goods cloak. Future release of characters also may include their soft goods robes. Wave 2 available this fall will feature Buckbeak and a Dementor. Much large size but still in scale.

For future figures we can expect a Chamber of Secrets wave with younger versions of the characters. McFarlane also teased a Hungarian Horntail and a Ukranian Ironbelly.

DC Collector Figures

You probably saw the announcement if you have been on our site or elsewhere lately. McFarlane Toys is now producing DC figures. A little early in the process to have anything to see but we spoke with Todd McFarlane to get some details about what we can expect. At this point there are no definites. Expect to see the core characters but offered in different ways. For example, Batman standard, Batman comic book, Batman tv/movie version, Batman animation, and Batman video game.

McFarlane would like to see a wide range of offerings. When asked when we can expect these in 2020, he said as early as 1 January. We can also expect a high level of articulation. He said 18 to 24 could be the standard for these figures. I'm sure we'll have more details later in the year, so stay tuned and keep checking our site.

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