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Diamond Select Toys: Gentle Giant Litd Legends in 3D Mr. Stay-Puft Bust Review

Posted by: Nick on October 16, 2020 at 12:18 PM CST

Click here to go to our gallery of images for Stay Puft.

Click here to check out some in stock Legends in 3D busts.

Click to order this bust from Big Bad Toy Store.

For those of you not familiar with the Legends in 3D series produced by Gentle Giant Ltd, they are half scale renderings of iconic characters from movies, video games, comics, and cartoons. These are super detailed and composed of solid resin, not hollow. You can click on the line above to Gentle Giant's website and see a wide range of offerings including DC, Marvel, and Star Wars. Several of these are sold out, including Mr. Stay-Puft, but you can find them on other sites like Amazon and BigBadToyStore (link above).

We should clarify immediately that while this line is in half scale, as indicated on the box, this is not a half scale bust. A half scale bust would roughly be the size of a two-car garage, so we do not fault Gentle Giant for making him in scale with the rest of the line. So a half scale human Mr. Stay-Puft essentially.

This bust is loaded with detail and has a lot of bulk to it, making it a solid display piece in addition to a collectible bust. We are currently using it as part of our Halloween decor. The sculptors did an excellent job of capturing the innocent yet menacing look of Mr. Stay-Puft from the movie. It also looks like a head you can bite into, not recommended here.

What surprised us was the detailing around the base, usually an after though in most busts, this line seems to put as much effort in the pedestal as the bust. The Shandor Building or "Spook Central" serves as the base for this bust, which makes a lot of sense if you know the movie as his giant head makes an appearance at the top of this building at the conclusion of the film. You can see the detail here put into the roof murals, spires, and stone faces surrounding the building. This was a nice touch the elevates the bust's aesthetic while bringing a little bit more of the film off the screen and into your room.

This piece served as our introduction into this line and we are throughly impressed. We feel like you are getting sufficient value with the sculpt, base, and density of this product. We highly recommend you check out more of the line on Gentle Giant's website above and if you can find it, we definitely recommend picking this one up for the spooky season, or just anytime really.

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