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Funko Games: Elf Journey From The North Pole Game Review

Posted by: Nick on November 3, 2020 at 04:11 PM CST

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We can't stress enough that every Funko Games and Prospero Hall creation we came across has been simply magic. They just find a way to capture the fondest parts of what we love about iconic moments in pop culture. They had a tough challenge with Elf, such a beloved property with so many moments to choose from, and how to capture that fun journey that Buddy went on in board game form. Well, they did it, again.

The object is simple, collect as many points as you can during Buddy's travel to find his father in New York. The title of the game is so appropriate in this respect, because it really is about the journey. Using the tried and true "travel by map" gimmick of many iconic movies, players move a single Buddy token toward memorable destinations from the Elf film including the Candy Cane Forest, Mr. Narwal, and our favorite, World's Best Cup of Coffee.

Players each have a secret card that tells them the location they get points for visiting, curtailing their preferences of where to visit first, as points are rewarded to destinations on a declining scale. Since it is a shared mover, multiple players can benefit from the same location. In addition there are other spaces on the board that grant points or allow players to take additional turn, just to keep things moving. The game ends when a player reaches New York or players run out of movement cards. We found an average game takes about 25 minutes for three players.

Funko Games and Prospero Hall again made a game that takes about five minutes to learn and provides hours of entertainment. They continue to capture the tone of the movies and provide players with an experience, not just a board game. We clearly see this as a winner under the tree this year, not just for Elf fans, who will definitely appreciate it, but for kids and any humans with an affinity for elf culture. Don't be a cotton-headed ninny muggins, be sure to get yours this season, pretty much anywhere where games are sold.

Funko Games provided us with a copy for this review.

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