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Funko Games: National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation Twinkling Lights Game Review

Posted by: Nick on October 30, 2020 at 07:18 AM CST

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"It's the gift that keeps on giving."

Is what could be said about Funko Games's holiday game based on National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. Why better way to capture the spirit of the film than make a game based on Clark Griswold's struggle with the lights. The object here is to simply make patterns (not untangle them, phew). The first to make all their patterns or the player with the most patterns before all the tiles are used up wins.

The setup is incredibly easy here. Players are dealt three pattern cards and each turn consists of drawing a tile with lights on it and playing it as you work toward your patterns that only you can see. There is not much to have to learn in order to play, allowing anyone in the family to easily join the game.

The game throws a couple of curve balls at you. As you work toward your pattern, other players could derail your efforts by dropping a light tile on your efforts forcing you to start anew. Additionally, broken strand tiles could break the link in your pattern. When drawn the player could either use these immediately or dump them on another player forcing them to use it while they get to draw another tile. Similar to how Clark passed Russ the huge ball of lights. All is not lost though, you could recover a tile that allow you to stack on other tiles, saving that pattern you worked so hard to build.

We found this game incredibly easy to learn and love. Playing with a few people of different ages it seems anyone can understand from a child to a grandparent, making it the perfect game at your next holiday gathering. Also the packaging makes it the perfect stocking stuffer and travel game. Look for this game at most retailers this holiday season.

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