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Super Impulse: World's Smallest Micro Masters of the Universe Figure Review

Posted by: Nick on October 31, 2020 at 09:06 AM CST

View the Full Gallery Here.

These new Masters of the Universe micro figures by Super Impulse are simply amazing. We are blown away by the amount of detail they managed to get onto a figure that is only an inch big. Strongly mimicking the original Mattel figures with their armor, limited range of motions, and painted face, these figures are a faithful replica of the vintage figures.

The accessories are spot on here. He-Man has his sword, shield, and axe just like the original release and Skeleton has his iconic staff and sword as well. Everything is in the right color scheme and perfectly molded to look like the original weapons, including the handle grips. The weapons fit perfectly into the figure hands and allow you to recreate your epic fights from your childhood. Odd thing we noticed is the inclusion of daggers. While they match the paint scheme of the other weapons, we cannot recall, nor find any corroborating information in our research, that these figures came with daggers. We don't see it as detracting, it's just a nice bonus.

We still appreciate the inclusion of the reusable clam shells that allow you to display you figure when not in use. The background image mimics the original cardback. These versions include the image of the characters as they appeared in the original animated series, something that was not on the original cardbacks. Also odd here is the slogan "Modern Play, Retro Power" which seems to be a take on the slogan of the newly released Mattel retro Master of the Universe figures which says "Modern Posing! Retro Play!"

We found it easy to get the accessories in the characters hands and pose them. It's amazing how great these look when put together in a battle scene. It's equally awesome that this fight could take place on one of the original He-Man's biceps.

This is a strong entry to the line and we look forward to the additional of Battle Cat, which we imagine He-Man fits perfectly on top. Look for these at most major retailers and Amazon now.

Thanks to Super Impulse for providing us with some review samples.

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