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2010 marks the third anniversary of Cool Toy Review and the fourth time we've brought you all the International Toy Fair coverage you need! We will be updating this page regularly over the course of the show, and over the week that follows. This year's Toy Fair will be open from February 14-17th, but our coverage begins one day earlier on the 13th. Make sure to head over to our sister site, Rebelscum for all of our Star Wars coverage.

As always, this event is covered diligently by D. Martin Myatt and Dan Curto.

Pre-Toy Fair Information

  • Press Release: Shocker Toys
  • Press Release: Hasbro Overview
  • Press Release: Hasbro G.I. Joe
  • Press Release: Hasbro Transformers
  • Press Release: Hasbro Marvel Comics Brands

  • February 12, 2010

  • Gallery: Mattel Media Event WWE Collection
  • Gallery: Mattel Showroom Avatar Display
  • Gallery: Mattel Showroom DC Comics Displays
  • Press Gallery: Fisher Price Core Press Release
  • Press Gallery: Fisher Price Friends Press Release
  • Mattel Press Release - CARS
  • Mattel Press Release - Disney Princesses
  • Mattel Press Release - Little Mommy
  • Mattel Press Release - Rapunzel
  • Mattel Press Release - Games
  • Mattel Press Release - Polly Pocket
  • Mattel Press Release - Prehistoric Pets
  • Mattel Press Release - Radica
  • Mattel Press Release - Hot Wheels
  • Mattel Press Release - Toy Story 3
  • Mattel Press Release - Matchbox
  • Mattel Press Release - Barbie
  • Mattel Press Release - WWE
  • February 13, 2010

  • Gallery: Marvel Universe
  • Gallery: G.I. Joe
  • Gallery: Marvel Universe
  • Gallery: Transformers
  • Gallery: Marvel Brands
  • Gallery: Super Hero Squad
  • Gallery: Spider-Man
  • Gallery: Totally Random
  • Gallery: More From Marvel
  • Special Report: Marvel Universe Full Details
  • Hasbro - Marvel Universe Press Photos
  • Hasbro - Iron Man 2 Press Photos
  • Hasbro - Spider-Man Press Photos
  • Hasbro - Super Hero Squad Press Photos
  • Hasbro - G.I. Joe Press Photos
  • Hasbro - Transformers Press Photos

  • The rest of Hasbro's showroom can be seen at Rebelscum.com.

    February 14, 2010

  • Gallery: NECA - Player Select
  • Gallery: NECA's Showroom
  • Gallery: NECA's A Nightmare On Elm Street

  • McFarlane Toys
  • Gallery: Prince of Persia & HALO

  • Mezco Toys
  • Overview Teaser
  • A Closer Look At Mezco

  • Diamond Select Toys
  • Booth Photos Teaser
  • Diamond Select Toys Booth

  • The rest of Diamond Select Toys' showroom can be seen at Rebelscum.com.

  • Kotobukiya Booth - Marvel Comics, Video Games

  • The rest of Kotobukiya' booth can be seen at Rebelscum.com.

    Dark Horse Comics
  • Dark Horse Comics I

  • Mattel
  • Mattel's Collector Event
  • Mattel's DC Universe Classics
  • Mattel's Masters Of The Universe Classics
  • Mattel's Collector Event Other DC Stuff
  • Mattel's Collector Event Ghostbusters Display
  • Mattel's Collector Event Avatar Display
  • Mattel's Collector Event Disney Toys

  • February 15, 2010

    Dark Horse Comics
  • Dark Horse Comics II

  • DC Direct
  • The DC Direct Booth

  • NECA
  • Player Select II

  • February 16, 2010

    McFarlane Toys
  • TF2010: The McFarlane Toys Booth

  • Shocker Toys
  • The Shocker Toys Booth

  • Bandai
  • The Bandai Booth

  • Triad Toys
  • The Triad Booth

  • Tonner Doll Company
  • The Tonner Doll Company

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