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JAKKS Pacific: San Diego Comic-Con Panel
Published by Nick on July 30, 2018 at 06:19 PM CST

Click HERE for the slides from the show.

So.........MEGA MAN. Jakks is now producing figures from the Mega
Man video game series. The focus on the early set is 8-bit figures but may drift to the popular four-inch World of Nintendo series. The stand out here was the 12-inch doll. When turned on it plays the intro stage music, then when you add a power attachment it plays that boss' music, then after all three are used it plays the final stage music, and lastly when he falls over it plays the death sound. Additionally, it has authentic firing noises and the sound becomes more intense the more you use him just like when he gets worn out in the game.

The next standout was Mario Odyseey figures coming to the 2.5 and four inch lines. Some new four-inch figures were teased along with multi-packs. For those who missed Bowser the first time around and do not want to pay ridiculous after market prices, then you are in luck. A two-pack with Mario in scale is coming later this year. Along with sure to be popular Samus and metroids, 8-bit Mario and Bowser, and 8-bit Donkey Kong and Jumpman (yes, Jumpman). Also, Gamestop will be getting some cool wind-ups, our favorite is the Bomb-omb where the wind-up is integrated into the detail of the figure to make it functional.

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