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Funko Games: Seinfeld The Party Game About Nothing Review

Posted by: Nick on July 7, 2021 at 07:38 PM CST


It's a Festivus miracle! This game about nothing is really something. Check out why we think this game is better than the big salad! And don't yada yada yada over the review.


It's not shrinkage, this game packs a lot into the relatively few pieces. The game mostly relies on trivia cards and a die to make determine the categories. Beyond that the pieces are either chance cards, answer markers, or points tokens. Oh what's that you ask? Yes, there is a fishing pole and a marble rye from the iconic episode. More on this later.

Setup and Gameplay

Don't worry, you don't need to wear a puffy shirt to play. The game in essence is trivia game and the first to 70 points wins. Questions come in multiple choice, who said that, charades, and a quotes. The die determines the category and the markers serve to lock in one of four answers. Other than that you just keep track of points and use the timer to advance the rounds. One more thing, as all looks gloom for a team pulling ahead of another there is still a way to save independent George and win the day! When a team hits 50 it can make a play for the marble rye for 20 points and the instant win or a team lagging behind another can make a play and achieve victory. Basically you place the start and finish markers a ways apart and lob the marble rye from the fishing pole within a poles distance of the finish within the time limit. This is a lot harder than it sounds, it took us about three or four toys before we landed that rye.

Final Thoughts

We found the game as challenging as it is fun. Die hard fans will definitely enjoy the quotes, scenes, and the way the game draws out some of the most memorable moments of the show. This will definitely be a challenge for the casual watcher though, as we found ourselves struggling to keep up with superfine. Thank god for that marble rye, it really is the great equalizer when you find yourself outmatched. Be sure to make this an addition to your next game night with friends and beware of the Moops!

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